Are you looking to buy a quality glamping pod manufactured in Wales? Teifi Valley camping pods were one of the first in UK to begin designing and building camping and glamping pods.  The quality of our pods are second to none.

We currently have 5 design to choose from but they are very flexible if you require additions to the layout or facilities.

Our Glamping Pods reflect the beautiful environment where they are built. Designed and built with natural materials to give externally the effect that the Pod is part of its surroundings, sitting low to the ground and with soft curves and colours so as to blend into the landscape, whilst internally providing luxurious, comfortable accommodation, office space or any function you choose.

Visit our Glamping Pod Manufacturing website here

Teifi Valley Camping Pods welcome all Pod enquiries.

Whether you are a private individual looking to buy a pod or a hotel or campsite looking to order many to maximise your space and income then contact us today to find out how we can help you.